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The Importance of having an “Air Tightness Test” done in your home

Building leakage impacts our health, wellbeing and monthly energy cost.

Think of your home as a sealed envelope that you pay every month to have heated or air-conditioned.  Wouldn’t you want to know why all of a sudden you noticed that your energy costs have increased or you had a conversation with your neighbor and realize your monthly energy cost is a lot higher than theirs?

By performing a building airtightness test we can determine the air changes per hour and how much air leakage there is through the building structure. Also by providing visual evidence of where the leaks are we can provide recommendations on the areas that need to be improved.

Ultimately, this will put you on the path to saving more money on your monthly energy costs and improving the overall indoor air quality of your home.

Like we say here at Optimal Technical Services Every One Deserves To Breathe In Clean Air & A Happy Home Starts With A Healthy Home.

It’s Easy! Give us a call so we can discuss having a home air tightness test done so you can start saving more of your hard-earned dollars.