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A happy home starts with a healthy home

We understand how important it is to have a clean and healthy environment for your family. It is very difficult to see members of your family struggle dealing with the side effects of poor indoor air quality.

We can help. There is no need to continue living with coughing, sneezing, headaches and other reactions of poor air quality. We listen to your concerns and conduct the necessary assessments of your home to determine what is causing the issue. Our team is flexible, and able to accommodate your schedule and needs. This is something we respect and honour.

We will fix the air quality in your home by performing detailed tests, utilizing the latest sampling and testing techniques and have them assessed by a highly reputable laboratory here in Calgary. This will help us design a solution for your family, so you can stop dealing with the frustrating side-effects of poor air quality and enjoy the comforts of your home knowing your home is clean and safe.

Our Services


A healthy work environment is a productive one

We understand getting up in the morning to go to work is hard enough. Let alone having to work in an environment that negatively impacts your health and comfort. Providing your tenants and employees with a healthy work environment is a vital part of keeping them healthy and happy. Whether you have a welding shop with an attached office space, or a 30-story multi-use living facility, school, office, retail space, or parking garage we have the expertise to improve your air quality. We will perform a detailed assessment of your property, as well as a thorough inspection of the HVAC/mechanical systems to conform they are operating as needed to guarantee your tenants and customers the best experience possible.

We ensure we use the latest sampling and testing techniques to provide you with a detailed report of the air quality at your property. Our 20 years of experience has allowed us to deal with most property types and air quality issues to ensure resolution, and clean air for all to be able to work, learn, and play in a healthy and comfortable environment.


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Ensure the Health of Your Environment and Family

Radon Testing

Many households are suffering from poor air quality, which is impacting their health. Radon is a health hazard and we offer a solution to make sure your home is not at risk.  By testing your home for radon and engaging in radon mitigation methods, we can take safety precautions and make sure your health is not impacted by this toxic gas, and by putting a radon reduction system in place, we ensure the health of your environment and family.

Optimal Tech offers radon testing and prioritizes diagnosing and preventing your household from coughing, sneezing, headaches, and other reactions of poor air quality as a result of the decay of the chemical uranium, causing radon production.

Reliable Insulation

Indoor Air Quality

Many homeowners are living with allergies and other symptoms of poor indoor air quality caused by the build up of mold, dust, carbon monoxide, VOC’s, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and many more harmful airborne contaminants; these are also known as “sick building syndrome” (SBS). Your home is where your beloved family lives and breathes each day don’t let the exposure to these contaminants cause long term health conditions.

Optimal Tech can perform a HVAC system analysis and appropriate tests to determine which contaminants are elevated and how to eliminate them so you and your family can breathe in clean air.