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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

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Many homeowners are living with allergies and other symptoms of poor indoor air quality caused by the build up of mold, dust, carbon monoxide, VOC’s, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and many more harmful airborne contaminants; these are also known as “sick building syndrome” (SBS). Your home is where your beloved family lives and breathes each day don’t let the exposure to these contaminants cause long term health conditions.  Optimal Tech can perform a HVAC system analysis and appropriate tests to determine which contaminants are elevated and how to eliminate them so you and your family can breathe in clean air.

Majority of households are suffering from poor indoor air quality due to air leakages, uncomfortable drafts, and wasting money by using more energy than necessary. Optimal Tech offers an airtightness test to ensure reliable insulation of your home and an assessment of your home’s heating and cooling controls so that you and your family are able to be warm and comfortable this winter. 

Optimal Tech offers a blower door test to test the airtightness of your home. We ensure its reliable insulation to make sure you and your family can save money on your energy bill and stay warm and comfortable through Calgary’s harsh winter.

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Winters in Calgary can get down to -40, and preventable air leakages can cause uncomfortable drafts inside your home and cause you to waste money by using more energy to heat your home than you need to. Save money on your energy bill by making sure your home is airtight, that warm air is not escaping into the winter wind, and that you’re not wasting more money than necessary on air conditioning. 

Optimal Tech is here to help your family save money by conserving energy and maintaining acceptable indoor air quality in your home by assessing air changes per hour.  By conducting a blower door test, we can ensure your home is air-tight and warm air cannot escape. We want to identify unnecessary air leaks to determine where more or the absence of insulation are and improve its HVAC system to make it as warm and comfortable as possible for your family during Calgary’s harsh winters.

Solutions for your home’s insulation needs.

Nothing is more important than saving money and keeping your family warm and comfortable during Calgary’s cold winter months. We ensure we use the latest sampling and testing techniques assessed by a highly reputable laboratory here in Calgary to provide you with all of the air information and solutions for your home’s insulation needs.

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It’s no secret that our energy bills have increased significantly over the past year alone. Air leakages are completely preventable and by minimizing them, you can avoid condensation issues, outdoor contaminants, and maintain proper insulation. Winter is right around the corner, and the longer your family waits, the more money and heat you waste.

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